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Looking for a Career Path in Innovation?

At AscendTek, we are always looking for creative and dedicated people to help us do what we do best. We’re a team that comes together to create, build, and implement businesses with the right tools that help them to grow and succeed. Let the future of Business Technology Innovation be a part of your career path today.

Front End

Responsive user interfaces that are compatible with multiple platforms, built with innovative frameworks like ReactJs, Angular, VueJs, CSS3, and HTML5.

Back End

Backend tailored to meet your needs for any business or project, from SQL to NoSQL technologies built for consistency, speed, and reliability.


We provide our clients with testing deployment, deployment automation and code integration to bring a highly efficient and quality experience.

Mobile App Development

Mobile development from creating native mobile applications for specific mobile platforms (such as iOS, Android), to cross-platform apps that work across multiple different systems.


We provide complete end to end testing for our products using tools like Slenium, UFT, and Mocha, by Prince 2 methodology and with an Agile Development Approach (SCRUM).


Infrastructure to host and build multi-tier applications ,built to scale using web services and micro-services based approaches over AIP’s like AWS, Azure and Google Compute Engine.

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